Thursday, April 4, 2013

Light in the Shadows (Find you in the Dark, #2) by Meredith A. Walters

3 Stars

I was an addict and Clay was my crack.

I really liked Find You in the Dark, my positive review HERE

I mean, I loved Maggie and Clay’s crazy relationship. I was torn up on the cliff-hanger ending in book 1 and I just couldn’t wait to read Light in the Shadows. I even read the novella, Cloud Walking and if you knew anything about me is that I do not read novellas unless I’m really interested in the series.

So…. Now, that I am finished with Light in the Shadows I have nothing to say but that I am left with an unsatisfied feeling. The one positive thing I can mention is that the ending is good. I felt like I got closure and thank goodness there isn’t another book. I am not sure I would have pick it up.

The story picks up three months after Clay leaves Maggie that BS letter. We find out Clay is in a rehab program and is working on his issues. Maggie is struggling to get over Clay but she is still very sad, lonely and let’s admit it, kind of F’d in the head.

I had a lot of issues with this read and so on with the review…

There was no interaction between Clay and Maggie until the 36% mark! I could not believe there was just so much back story. I understand Walters wanted to paint a picture for me since three months have lapse, but I’m past the 1/3 mark and all I get is one crappy phone call between Maggie and Clay that lasted like 3 pages? WTF?

At this moment, I’m holding judging and waiting for something.

Clay comes back into town towards mid-way and I’m getting excited because I’m ready for drama and the drama I get isn’t what I wanted. It’s hard to explain because there are some moments where Clay is just plain ridiculous but he’s trying to be better and Maggie is also ridiculous and contradicts what she just say. I don’t know how to explain it.

I feel like the tone has changed to a more positive light and I can see Clay and Maggie really trying to work out the relationship issues but at times there are some eye-rolling-moments.

Maybe I am over the drama? Maybe I am over Maggie and Clay. I don’t know, but I just wanted something other than what I read. I really could go on and on and actually quote passages that upset me, but I don’t want to do that, because overall, I’m happy the story is done and there’s no need to add salt to wounds.

You are everything good in my life. Even when I thought all I had was the darkness, you were there. .. I couldn’t let you go. No matter how hard I tried. I know now that’s b/c to lose you would be losing the very best part of myself.

My favorite part is the last chapter and I can see how many reviewers would give a 5 star review. I guess my problem is that the characters weren’t written the way I expected? I am still confused, but liked I said, I am glad I am done. The cover is also beautiful.

And there are times in our lives when you have to put aside what we think is best and go with what you feel is best

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