Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Real (Real, Raw & Ripped #1) by Katy Evans

5 SWOON-tastic, underwear-dropping, jumping-for-joy STARS

Take a moment to fan yourselves ladies because Remy = HOTT

I want to be your f&cking REAL. You get that? If I f&ck you, I want you to belong to me. To be mine. I want you to give yourself to me- not Riptide!

Oh, I LOVE Remy. I want to make babies with him. I want to lick him from head to toe, flaws and all. He’s my top top top boyfriend, yes, he’s with the Travis, the Will, the Gideon… do I need to say more?

Okay, so I read Real on vacation and I wasn’t able to write my review the day I finished the read, so it’s many weeks later and I just can’t do justice. I mean, look at the other reviewers… those are some fantastic reviews and it pretty much sums up everything I feel.

So… this is me just telling you HOW MUCH I LOVE REAL

If you are on the fence with this book, I’m here to slap you in the face and to tell you to stop what you are doing and read REAL NOW!

I can honestly say you do not need to know anything about the story. Nope, just open the freaking book, or turn on your eReader and just READ! I swear Katy Evans could be writing about growing flowers and I would still have loved this book. She’s just that good. Katy Evans is an excellent author and I am over the moon to add her to my list of favorite authors.


I was reading on the train and I didn’t want to get to my destination because I just needed to find out what happens next. OMG I was savoring every single word.

I lived my entire life without him, but we made this crazy connection, and I just feel empty without him.

List of things I loved…

1.) Remy – duh

2.) Remy + Brooke (the ups, downs, and all around)

3.) The title, which was perfect and I LOVED the references!!!

4.) Remy’s issues (jaw-dropping!)

5.) The songs… OMG, every freaking single song mentioned

6.) Climatic –ending (and we all know what part I am talking about, I just about fainted with swoon overload at that very moment)

REAL is an EPIC read


REAL is Perfection


You’re going to want to leave me again…You can’t, Brooke, you can’t leave. You’re mine.

**FAINT and LICK**

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