Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Gamble (Colorado Mountain, #1) by Kristen Ashley

4 Stars

The Gamble was a cute adorable typical Kristen Ashley read. If you are a KA fan, then you will not be disappointed.

Nina lives in England but takes a “time-out” from her fiancĂ© and rents a house in the Colorado Mountains. There was a slight hiccup and the owner, Holden Maxwell, who usually rents out the house while he is out, is actually staying in his house at the same time Nina booked it. Suffice it say, Nina doesn’t leave and Max stays.

I really liked the beginning. I thought the Max and Nina’s dynamics were very comical and very cute. I liked how Max was a plan arse in the beginning and of course is a huge alpha male.

I did have some issues…

Even though I gave a 4 star rating, I would rate The Gamble more towards a 3.5 star mark. I thought it was a bit too long and the tension was kind of mild. I thought Nina said “I’m Sorry”, WAY too much. Whatever happened to “what” or “come again?”? Maybe it’s not British, but geez if Max interrupts Nina one more time, I’m going to reach through my book and smack him.

Also, I have issues with British characters. I just don’t know what my pet-peeve is. I know KA lived in England, but Nina didn’t feel too British, but at least she was half American and half British, so I’ll let that go.

I’m not a huge fan of the main issue between Nina and Max. I think it’s because I can’t really relate. Call me old fashion, but I felt like Nina was second best. It’s hard to describe that turning point in the book, but it just didn’t seem like it sat well with me. I’m glad that part was kind of toned down (in my opinion).

Okay, my rant is over…

I thought the beginning and climatic-ending was perfect. The epilogue really rounded the whole story and it was a satisfying conclusion. I was also happy that the title was referenced several times, although I felt “Mountain Man” would have been a better representation, but since this is a three part series, you can’t really do that.

The Gamble had pretty much everything in a light-hearted amusing read. The characters were developed, witty and there was great banter and tension. I liked the slow developing relationship between Nina and Max despite the two week time line. The additional side characters like Mindy, Jeff, Nina’s mom, etc were great side stories and really added something to the read.

There’s some action towards the end and I really enjoyed that. I was kind of wondering what else could happen and glad there was a small side plot. I feel like if this wasn’t a KA book I would have given The Gamble 3.5 stars, but the writing was very developed and I laughed out loud at many points, I think over overall, I just didn’t understand nor could relate to the story.

If you are a KA fan, then this one is for you. I probably will not move on to book 2, Sweet Dreams

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