Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Restore Me by J.L. Mac

5 Stars

Even the screwed up, damaged people in the world need someone to love and rely on.

J.L. Mac freaking did it again! Thank GOD!

I am a big fan of Wreck Me and was crushed by the cliff-hanger ending, so I did not hesitate to pick up Restore Me and I am happy to say that all of my expectations were met.

I’m one happy gal right now.

Disclaimer – There is a cliff-hanger ending, HOWEVER, I would describe this cliff-hanger as closed, as opposed to Wreck Me’s open one. So, if you haven’t pick up the series… stop what you are doing and do it now! This is the perfect time.

Restore me picks up right where Wreck Me leaves off. Jo is a big ball of mess and you just feel super sorry for the girl. Damon is a complete arse and I can’t help but say I LOVE IT. Usually I hate cold men, but this just adds to the delicious writing.

It makes me abundantly aware that loving him can be painful as hell, but being without him is hellish agony.

I feel for you girl!

So Jo and Damon are having major issues. Jo is dealing with a cold Damon and Damon is dealing with guilt and personal issues. I feel like Wreck Me mostly dealt with Jo’s problems and Restore Me focuses more on Damon’s struggles. I really enjoyed this. The tension coming off of Damon is brilliant. Jo tries really hard to be there for Damon and I like it.You feel for Jo.

The need to save Damon from his personal hell is a self-preservation in its purest form.

Oh the side characters are just hilarious. I simply adore GRAMs and we are introduced to Andy. I feel like we will be seeing more of him in book 3. There were a few steamy scenes, but mostly I would say this was a Damon-finding-himself book. The last chapter kind of leads you into the next book and I just can’t wait for Accept Me

It’s not always the most wonderful relationship, but it’s mine and I wouldn’t give him up for the world.

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