Thursday, May 2, 2013

Pieces of Truth (Pieces of Lies, #2) by Angela Richardson

3.5 Stars

I was a HUGE fan of Pieces of Lies and so I had high expectations for Pieces of Truth. I think my issue is that I was rooting for the wrong guy and even my back-up guy didn’t get picked.

Pieces of Truth picks up where Pieces of Lies ended. So going into book 2 we know… Sam is back in the picture and is actively pursuing Norah. We know Josh revealed his feelings for Norah and kind of threw himself into the mix. However, Norah picked Clint and is still with him.

I guess you can call this a love quadrant? As I said in my review in Pieces of Lies there wasn’t really a good or bad Hero, each guy has their own flaws, so I guess it’s hard for me to like the person Norah picks in the end. I didn’t see that HUGE connection. I am going to post an unconventional review.

I want to break down a pros and cons list for each guy (this doesn’t give anything away in Pieces of Truth


Pro – Current boyfriend

Pro- Willing to trade in his inheritance for Norah

Con- He lied how he knew Norah

Con-Norah gets a letter that tells her not to trust him


Pro- Norah has a long history with Sam

Pro- He waited two years to have sex with Norah

Con- Left Norah when Norah’s Dad found out[lied to Norah on how they met (hide spoiler)]

Con-Organized a way to get Norah into the secret society


Pro- Best Friend

Pro-Josh helped Norah get over Sam

Con- Took Norah to the de-virgin party

Con or Pro – Continues to wait for Norah’s feelings to be reciprocated


I guess I was kind of confused. I didn’t think there would be this love quadrant. I thought there might be a love triangle and then the third guy would be kind of the “villain”, but I didn’t get that. You never knew who Norah was going to be with because there would be mini-flash stories and it kind of makes you fall in love with all three guys. I went back and forth on which one I was rooting for.

You make my soul ache in the best kind of way. The electric and addictive blend of courage, desire and more. It tells me that I cannot, and will not, let you go. – Clint

We are going to fight to stay together, that’s what we will do – Sam

Norah, I will never let you fall. I will always pick you up. Don’t let this ruin you. – Josh

The story was a bit narrative and I felt like there was a lot of descriptive detail. I kind of skimmed those parts. I really liked Norah in book 1, but I she wasn’t my fan after this read. I felt like Norah was too indecisive. 

I loved the last few chapters because it made sense why she picked who she picked, but I guess I wanted to see more of that alpha male ego throughout the book so I kind of knew who to root for.

Maybe I just didn’t see it coming, maybe I should have rooted for him all along. All I know is that I am bummed and kind of disappointed. I will move on to book 3, but I want to know how it finishes. 

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