Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Music of the Heart (Runaway Train, #1) by Katie Ashley

2 Stars


I really really really wanted to like Music of the Heart. It had a lot of elements in a novel I enjoy, such as bad-boy rocker with tats, sweet naïve virgin Heroine and crazy love tension, HOWEVER


I see the reviews and I just don’t get it. I am highly disappointed since I like Katie Ashley and The Proposition was fantastic! So…What went wrong?

So you have sweet virginal Abby, who is tagging along her brother’s band tour, but doesn’t know if she wants to be a singer? Really? Then you have Jake who is the lead singer of another band and of course he is a man-whore. Don’t get me wrong, I love me my man-whores, but Jake, oh I had so many issues with him.

Abby and Jake strike up a ridiculous bet, Jake doesn’t think Abby could stay on the same bus as him, but Abby disagrees and joins Jake on the bus for a week. Does this sound familiar to you? It’s silly, but I move forward. First off, Jake is just awful. Who could be attracted to that? He keeps on screwing women! Let me give you my version of the story…

Abby and Jake fight

Jake flirts with Abby

Abby says no way you can’t get past first base

Jake screws a girl because he’s horny

Jake says sorry

Abby forgives but still won’t let Jake get past first base

Jake screws a girl because he’s horny

Rinse and repeat…

The story was told in alternating POV’s and honestly I couldn’t tell a difference between Jake and Abby’s voice. I mean, can Jake cry anymore? I think when the Hero cries in the book, it has to be a very important part of the story (a shifting point), but to me, Jake just cried because he was upset or the sake of crying? Jake did a lot of horrible things while he was upset. Oh I really wanted to like him, especially when he was trying to redeem himself, BUT he kept on messing up!

Abby is twenty-one, but she acts like a seventeen year old. Her inner dialogue was very immature and she was just too forgiving. I mean how many times can you forgive a guy? I’ll admit she kind of got more confident towards the middle-end, but then she reverted back to her old self soon afterwards. I did not like Abby.

Music of the Heart was too long and had unlikeable characters. The plot was subpar and unoriginal. I felt like I was reading a combination of many other great reads but was getting a very bad knock-off. It PAINS me to write a negative review, because I am a fan of Katie Ashley. I just don’t understand what went wrong.

I’m will not move forward with this series BUT I will give Katie Ashley’s Net and Lies a go because I truly believe this was just a one-time mess up.

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