Saturday, May 18, 2013

Love Rehab: A Novel in Twelve Steps by Jo Piazza

3 Stars

Love Rehab is a VERY funny, light, slightly romance read.

Sophie is dealing with the recent break-up of long time boyfriend Eric. She isn’t handling it well. She continues to call Eric, stalk him on-line and continues to complain about him to her best friend Annie. Annie gets in trouble and is forced to go to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. Sophie supports Annie and attends. Sophie soon realizes if AA meetings can help alcoholics, then the same could be said for women in her situation. Thus, Sophie creates the Love Addicts Anonymous support group.

Within the first few pages, I could not stop laughing!

God, I needed LAA [Love Addicts Anonymous] . I needed something. I was getting jealous of a potential girlfriend of a man I had once shared a slice of banana cream pie with after lying to him at his Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. I was so far from normal

I really liked the beginning because you really saw how bad Sophie had kind of fallen off the wagon. She’s just not handling the break-up well. I think when you create a website that is filled with pictures of your ex’s penis, it’s easy to say you have a problem.

Sophie holds many meetings at her place and starts to form bonds and friendships with other single women who are trying to cope with past relationship issues. Sophie’s mixture of friends are very unique and each have their own tale to tell. If you love side characters, well this book is filled with them.

It’s kind of like a book club…

Minus the book…LOL

I would not call Love Rehab a romance novel. Yes, there is a slight love interest, Joe. But the interactions between Sophie and Joe are minimal and not the focus of the read. This is more of a woman-hear-me-roar kind of book. Think Sex in the City, without the sex. If you have group of woman in your life, who you basically complain to about relationships, then this is your book.

An ARC was provided to me by Open Road Integrated Media via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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