Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Book Signing - Colleen Hoover - Jamie McGuire - Tammara Webber

Book signing photos at A Real Bookstore

I didn't get many good pictures during the meet and greet.  Tammara got cut off :(

Snag my photo with Jamie McGuire, author of Beautiful Disaster and one of my top favorite reads!  She's also so beautiful!

Tammara greeting her fans (and one of book buddies).

My book buddy snagging photos.  You never know where you will meet new people!

Snag my photo with Colleen Hoover and got all of my books signed.  Colleen wrote Hopeless and Slammed (again, my top favorite reads).  Click on Hopeless for my review.  

I actually enjoyed meeting Tammara the most.  Tammara wrote Easy and the Heroine's name is Jacqueline, I just had to tell her that (plus her book is super awesome as well)

It may sound cheesy, but I was really happy, excited and just over the moon to meet these authors.  To me they are like super stars.  Every time I read a book that I absolutely love, it just sticks with me and brings a smile to my face.  

Book Signing Photos with R.K. Lilley - > HERE
Book Signing Photos with Jamie McGuire (promotion of Walking Disaster) - > HERE


  1. Wow - You got to meet Jamie -- pretty impressive! I love book signings but they only happen around here once in awhile!

    1. It was my first visit and it was lots of fun. You would be surprised how often authors come into town.