Sunday, June 9, 2013

Book Review - Entwined with You (Crossfire, #3) by Sylvia Day

5+++++++ S.T.A.R.S!!!!

I love the Crossfire Series so much that when I went to Europe, I bought the UK, French and Italian version.

I don’t even speak French and Italian.

Yeah I’m that f&cking insane for this series!

Top book – Reflected in You in French
Second top book – Bared to you in Italian
Last 2 books– UK version of Bared to You and Reflected in You

Oh and I pre-ordered and got the signed copy of Entwined with You

You f&cking own me , Eva. I’ll be damned if I don’t own you back

Let’s get the nitty gritty out of the way for all of those who were disappointed, I just don’t understand that. I didn’t know what I was expecting in Entwined with you, I mean, we just found out … (if you haven’t read the first two, stop reading this now) Gideon killed Nathan, I mean, sheesh…

You own me, Eva. Wherever I am, whatever I’m doing, I belong to you.

Uh... No …

YOU.OWN.ME.GIDEON… there I said it!

Yes, Entwined with you was not dramatic AND IT WAS F&CKING PERFECT TO ME! Yes, I said it! I am all about drama, but I needed a break from all the crazy sh!t from Reflected in you and I am 100%, over-the-moon, capital S! SATISFIED!

I was in love with a flesh-and-blood man, one who made mistakes but learned from them, a man who was trying hard to better himself for me, a man who wanted us to work as desperately as I did.

And yes I agree. I really liked Gideon in this one. He just seemed a little more crazy and a little more all around… dominate, male, alpha, cave-man like… do I need to say more?


The only way for a woman to get my attention is to be you

And yes, there are a few things that happened which was kind of like WTF? But I kind of liked it because it was shocking, different and it really rounded out the whole Eva and Gideon dynamic (we all know what part I am talking about)

My one and only and SUPER TINY compliant is that I felt the ending and when I am referencing "ending", I am talking about the last few pages, it all seemed a little anti-climactic and no, I didn’t want a cliff-hanger. I mean, I got exactly what I wanted, an opening to book 4, BUT I just expected something else.

HOWEVER… I LOVED Entwined with you. It was different from Reflected in You, but still passionate, engaging, steamy and just all around perfect.


I leave with one last imagine…


  1. I listened to the first book and the 2nd one’s waiting for me on my iPhone. I just haven’t gotten around to it yet… I’m glad to hear that you’re still enjoying this series though and that this installment has more answers than questions. I’m a fan of authors not taking too long to come full circle in their plot threads.

    1. I know this one got mixed reviews, but I LOVED it, it was perfect for me. You want something lighter than book 2, then it's perfect for you. Thanks for the comment!