Monday, July 29, 2013

Giveaway + Book Review - The Hidden by Kelley Martin

4 Star Gazing Stars

If you are looking for a steamy read with a slight paranormal theme, then Hidden is for you.
In the prologue Thomas meets Emily, Thomas is older, but Emily is a child (don’t worry guys, there’s nothing icky).  Ever since then, Thomas has taken an interest in Emily (again, no ick factor, promise). I just really liked the beginning it was different. Later, Emily meets Thomas on her first day of college.  Both do not make very good first impressions.  Thomas is swooned over Emily and does whatever he can to claim a friendship with her.  Emily doesn’t want to deal with a relationship, but she can’t help but want to be around Thomas since he seems to be where ever she is.

I’m not a big paranormal fan and I have to say the first half of the read is more Emily and Thomas’s back-story and getting to know each other.  The second half of the read has more paranormal elements as it focuses more on what Thomas is and his intentions towards Emily. So you get best of both worlds.

The one thing I really liked about Hidden is the slow relationship Emily and Thomas formed, oh I love friends falling in love with each other!  This is also a very dialogue based read, which is something I LOVE!  I hate narrative writing, so it was nice to read a lot of banter between Emily and Thomas.  There’s plenty of tension between the two and at times I think Emily over-reacts to Thomas and I just want her to chill out, but it doesn’t last that long.

I was trying to skip all the bases and run straight to home plate. Geez, I was such a slut. But that’s what he did to me. Thomas brought out my inner whore like no one else could.

OH and Thomas, SWOON. He’s so freaking sweet! At some parts I want to say, sheesh Thomas, just be an ARSE! Hidden is written in both Emily’s and Thomas’ POV which is so nice and I love that.  The supporting characters are pretty awesome as well.  We have Beth, the sluty best friend and Gabriel the perfect guy friend to listen to all of your problems.

Emily was the best thing that ever happened to me, and I’d be damned if I let her go without a fight. So if she didn’t want to see me right now, well, too fucking bad. Because I was bringing the fight to her.

There is a kind of love-triangle, I mean there’s Gabriel but he doesn’t really act on his intensions, however all of his actions keep you on his toes.

Despite the somewhat lengthy intro, the second half really nailed it for me.  There’s lots of steam, tension and a kind of surprise ending, which really made me happy. Oh and there’s a cliffy guys. I know and it’s a good one too!

4 Stars


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