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Giveaway + Review - Breathless by Rose J. Bell

3.5 beautifully tortured stars

This was the moment when I wished to die. Since that day, I had stopped breathing

Wow, what an intro right?

Two years ago Ree was kidnapped and tortured for many months.  She is severely traumatized and she hasn’t fully recovered nor does she have any desire to face her problems.  After Ree’s father unexpected death, her family must relocate to a more affordable place, where she meets Logan, who can’t help but try to heal damaged Ree.

You’re broken, hurt, angry, and sad. Because of that, you don’t see any worth in life

Okay, I got to do it, let’s get the disclaimer out of the way. Breathless deals with severe subject matter… so go into with caution.

The beginning hits you with a bam and you are punched in the face. I honestly was shocked, surprised, but it was a good opening, you are hooked and you just wanted to know what happened… even though you are scared shitless.

Scars are the threads that hold me together. I am scar tissue

Since I don’t know who I really am, I often try to be someone else. I was Goth, a nerd, a cheerleader, and now I am a slut. I hope someday I will find the true Ree again.

Breathless does have flashbacks and we all I know I hate that, BUT I liked the flashbacks in Breathless because it helped paint the picture of what happened to Ree while she was kidnapped and oh boy, there’s no sugar coating those parts.

Poor Ree, I just wanted to reach through my tablet and give the girl a hug.  I mean, shit just keeps on coming!  You really don’t know what was going to happen and when you think things are going to be okay because she meets Logan and their relationship does have tension at first, but you just think… okay, they are going to be okay. Ree is going to be okay, Logan is there, then you are like  BAM, punched in the face again!

At times I felt like Ree did over-react to certain situations and you just wanted her to take a chill pill, but I get it, she was tortured, so give the girl a break right?  With all that is said and done, if you want a crazy, pull-your-hair-out-read, then this one is for you. 

I hear your cry for help, hoodie girl. I want to make you whole again. You have something in you that draws me to you. But now, I realize it’s you. It’s the way you are

I shiver. Strange sensations stir inside me. Hate. Annoyance. Fear. And… attraction.
Men break hearts. A real man puts the pieces together and would hold your heart like a diamond in his hand.

3.5 Stars

Two years ago Ree Coleman’s life imploded, when her life was taken away from her. Now Ree is a "living dead girl", trying to survive each day, when it’s just a struggle to breathe. 

After the unexpected death of her father, Ree and her family lose everything. As they are forced to leave the rich Upper East Side, they find themselves living in the slums of Bronx. Ree must figure out ways for her family to get by, and she tries to accept her father’s death. However, his death prompts many questions, including what really happened to him. 

Meanwhile she meets Logan Marquez, a boy with a dangerous reputation. Knowing that boys are dangerous, Ree tries to stay away from him, but Logan insists on trying to earn her trust and friendship.

Soon, dark and dangerous secrets are revealed, and one explosive secret will shatter both their worlds.

[Interview with Rose]
What inspired you to be a writer? 
I also wanted to be a writer. Books has always fascinated me, and then stories started to appear in my mind and begged me to write them down.  

Your previous novels were YA fantasy, what made you decide to write a New Adult novel? 
I LOVE the New adult genre and for me it was sure to write a book in my favorite genre. And so, Breathless was born. 

Breathless is a very deep and dark read.  What made you decide to go that route?  How did you come up with that story line?
I love everything that it´s dark. The first draft of Breathless was not so dark and deep. But while writing Ree´s story, I realize that there is more behind her past and it has something to do with the death of her father. Over time, the story has unfolded itself and I had the story line. 

There are a few graphic scenes in Breathless, which could be sensitive to some readers,  were you nervous writing those parts? 
Actually, no. I always had in mind that this scenes can be disturbing to some readers, but there are a part of Ree´s story and need to be told. 

Who is your favorite author and what is your favorite read?
Oh god, I could never chose just one. My favorite authors are Richelle Mead, Cassandra Clare, Colleen Hoover, Ally Carter and so many more. 
My favorite reads are the vampire academy series, Hopeless and The edge of never. 

[About the Author]
Rose J. Bell is a pen name for a young author living in a small town in Germany. 
In between going to school and reading too many books, instead of learning for her exams, she writes young adult urban and epic fantasy. 

She is the author of The Hunters and Hell’s Pirates series.


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