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Interview + Book Review - My Unexpected Forever (Beaumont #2) by Heidi McLaughlin

5 heart breaking, just-give-him-a-chance! Stars


Like my rating? I do too. Look, let me just cut to the chase, I LOVE the Beaumont series AND I love Heidi McLauhlin!!!!

 My Forever Girl (Beaumont #1) was FANTASTIC and my 5 star review is HERE. AND My Unexpected Forever DID.NOT.DISSAPOINT! In fact I love this one EVEN MORE!  Yep. And you know why? ONE FREAKING WORD SAYS IT ALL…


Oh, you didn’t hear me? Let me just say it again.


Also known as the future father of my child, next book boyfriend, next man I want to rub on naked, clothed or covered in oil (I take what I can get).

Sorry, let me pause to calm my horny heart.

So this is Katelyn and Harrison’s story.  Katelyn is struggling to move forward and every time she feels like she can move on, she feels like she is betraying her late husband, Mason.  Harrison likes Katelyn. It was love at first sight for him and he’s willing to do everything he can to just be with her. The only problem is, how long can he wait?

I loved her. I know she can be frustrating, but honestly when I was reading the parts with memories, I thought to myself, is this how I would react if I was in her situation? And the answer would be YES! You feel for her. You want to wrap her up in a blanket and watch movies with her and tell her it’s going to be okay because you can’t but just want to make her feel better. Oh and the twin girls! Oh they are capital A- adorable! I loved them. I love how they each had their own personalities too.

Oh lord, how I love Harrison. You would think writing such a perfect Hero would be boring or blah, but no, it just made me want to jump through the pages and rip his clothes off! If you had to envision the type of man you would want to date, someone who is kind, patient, GREAT WITH KIDS, loves you for you, well that would be Harrison.

“I need her like I need to breathe”

“You either like me or you don’t. Thing is, you can’t lie, I know you feel something, you just have to let yourself believe I’m good enough to be a part of your life.”

I said it in my previous review and I'll say it again, I am slapping myself in the face for picking up this series so late. Heidi is an exceptional writer, she can write flashbacks and make me (that’s right! I admit it) LIKE FASHBACKS! What? Yes, it’s true.  A lot of things worked out for me in this read. I love single moms, I love the relationship Katelyn had with her past husband and of course I loved HARISSON who is my dream man.

“I want her around all the time. She excites me, makes me feel like I’m about to skydive. I could live off the adrenaline I feel from her alone”

Oh those flashbacks gutted me, I wept like a baby and I was just a ball of mess, but it was so good and I LOVED IT! YES, I LOVED crying because the writing is so good!  You feel the emotions from page one to the finish. You root and cheer for them, you fall in love with the characters and side characters and it’s a beautiful story.  I loved it and I recommend!

I LOVE the Beaumont series! Where did the story from and will there be a book 3?

Forever My Girl started after I saw a photo. I brainstormed an idea with my best friend & beta, Yvette, for 90-minutes and wrote the first 4500 words that night.

My Unexpected Forever developed while writing Forever My Girl.

The third book is being written now.

I love Harrison, ah, he’s so sweet. At one point did you think you were writing him too sweet?

No at all. I love him the way he is. He’s that way because of his mom and losing his dad so young. He grew up with two woman, his mom and sister and was their protector.

I read your bio and you said during the day you talk about Land Use? What does that mean?

I spend my days talking about what residents can and can’t do with their land.

What is your favorite book and who is your favorite author?

I’m not sure I have one. There are a lot of stories/series that I love and following

Can you please tell us five fun facts about yourself?

I’m a picky eater
I’m shy
I hate flying
Football never ends in my house
I love all kinds of music

What’s your next project you are working on now?

The Beaumont Series #3


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