Saturday, September 21, 2013

Rock Hard (Sinners on Tour, #2) by Olivia Cunning

4 Lead Singing Stars

Sometimes you just need that steamy read to get you going.

I liked Rock Hard more than Backstage Pass and I think it’s because I found Sed and Jessica’s storyline adorable. Sed is the lead singer who is notorious for having multiple girls at the same time. Jessica and Sed are each other’s first love. At the time Jessica was aspiring to go to Law school and Sed wasn’t the famous rocker he is now. Because Sed didn’t want Jessica to leave him to go to Law school, he refused to let her go. Jessica didn’t want to be held back and left Sed.

Two years later, both meet up and never really got over each other, but both are very hurt from the breakup and there are plenty of issues coming in between them.

The beginning was top notch for me. I really liked reading how Sed and Jessica had their fall out. It kind of showed me where they stood two years ago and when they run into each other later, well it was too funny and I laughed out loud.

As always Olivia did not disappoint with the steam and I’m beginning to think each book has its own theme. This one would be public sex. As much as I enjoyed the steamy parts, I felt like it could have been steamier and kinkier, but that’s my personal preference and it may be just right for you.

I really enjoyed the Sed and Jessica parts of the read, but when I got glimpses of the other character’s storyline, I got a little distracted. I wasn’t really interested in those parts, and again this is my personal preference and if you are a true fan of the Sinners on Tour, then this probably would work for you.

Overall, Rock Hard was an enjoyable steamy read. I enjoyed the characters and there was plenty that went on to keep me interested. I did feel like I couldn’t quite connect with the characters 100%, but I’m not giving up on the series and will move to Hot Ticket soon.

Rating 4 Stars

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