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Carter Reed by Tijan

5 Dangerous Stars

Carter was lethal. His body was craved and molded to perfection.

I loved Carter Reed.  From start to finish, it was everything I look for in an alpha-damsel-in-distress read.  If you like what I like, then you will love this book.  It’s also has the same feel to Killing Sarai (to me at least)

NOW, I have to put that big fat Disclaimer - > This book has received a lot of 4 star reviews.  Let me tell you why this book isn’t a home run for everyone.  I LOVE damsel in distress books and Emma isn’t the strongest heroine, but I love her.  Read the blurb and read the reviews. You will know if this is right for you.

Emma witnesses her roommate getting raped and she kills the attacker.  The attacker happens to be a part of the mob.  Emma can’t go to the cops and she knows it’s only a matter of time before she will be killed.  She goes to Carter Reed to help her.  Carter is the best friend of Emma’s brother and she hasn’t seen Carter in ten years.  Carter Reed isn’t the same boy she remembers growing up with, but she needs someone to protect her.

No other man had made me feel as he had and being back at Octave opened the floodgates.  I wanted him even more.

First off, I picked up this book because of two things, Tijan and the cover. Yeah, cover snob, whatever, but that’s me.  Then I read the blurb and I was like oh yeah.  The book starts off with a HUGE BANG, it’s kind of slap-you-in-face kind of thing and it’s good.  You slowly form a relationship with Emma and kind of get to know her as a character.  She’s a little stubborn, wish-washy, but really loyal and determined.  I usually don’t like wish washy girls, but it adds tension to the story.

And of course the reason for the whole book. Mr. SEXY CARTER REED.  SWOON Major overload.   I love him, I want him and damn.  He’s a book boyfriend and lord, I have a major crush on him. I know, I’m getting carried away, but you get the point.  He’s a killer and a brute, what more could you ask for? I like everything about his character, from his past hardships, how he handles tough situations and the way he reacts to Emma.  You will love him, I promise.

His eyes were dark with lust and need. I knew he saw the same in me, but I didn’t care any longer. I needed him…

No matter what path Carter would take us, I’d go with him. I was becoming him… I’d always follow.

Carter Reed has some fast pace moments, but mostly there’s a lot of character and story development.  There aren’t any flash-backs and there are bits of Carter’s POV sprinkled in, which I really liked.  Mostly, it’s a book about a girl in trouble and she seeks help.  There are a lot of obstacles and things thrown at Emma and Carter to keep you on your toes. The story isn’t really steamy, yes there are some nice parts, but you can tell it’s not a major focal point, but there is plenty of sexual tension.

There isn’t an epilogue, which doesn’t bother me, but I know a lot of readers like it, but there is an ending.  For now, it’s a standalone novel, but I cross my fingers that Tijan will write a second book and make it a series.

Images of the two of us flashed in my mind and I grew wet again. He was going to be the death of me. A part of me knew that once I felt him inside of me, it wouldn't be enough. I would want more. I would never be satisfied, and when he made me come, that'd only been the teaser. My body was primed and ready again. My hand slid down his muscular back. It felt all the ridges, all the dips and curves. A dark pleasure spread through me when I felt his muscles contract as he turned his head to see me.

This was mine.

He was mine.

He groaned and had me against the wall in a second. His hands grabbed my hips and positioned me at an angle before he slammed his into mine. I felt the bulge in front of his pants. That was for me. All for me. He bent over me and lowered his lips just above mine as he thrust against me.

I couldn't breathe. My hands held onto his arms. The muscles there also moved underneath my touch, as if wanting more.

"This," he growled in a whisper against my lips. "This is what I wanted that night. I couldn't contain myself and I had to taste you, but tonight is the night I really have you. You're mine, Emma. You always have been."
I nodded, so weak against his touch.


He was mine as well, but I didn't say it. Not yet, though everything in my body was aching for me to do so.
He took my hand again and led the way out into the hallway. People stopped and watched us as we left. I knew it was because of him. Carter was lethal. His body was carved and molded to perfection. His eyes were cold while his face resembled an angel's. Everyone knew who he was, where he had come from. Even the media went into a frenzy when he was seen in public. However, he moved like a ghost, how he trained his men to be, so those moments were rare, and this moment wasn't any different. His staff had seen him before, but they all went quiet in the presence of a deadly panther.

A wave of possession rocked through me. My legs shook as I remembered my climax. This creature who held my hand was mine, as I was his. I belonged to him and I gasped in silence as I felt his claim sink into my blood. It went deep to the bones. Everything in me belonged to him, and as I followed him through his club, I knew that I was becoming addicted to him. My hand yearned to touch his back again, to slide across his muscles and so much more.

I bit down on my lip. This ache wasn't going to go away. The ache between my legs and the ache that resonated deep inside of me grew every time I was with him, every time he looked and touched me.
A soft sigh left me and he glanced back.

I was scorched by his gaze. His wolf eyes saw into me. I was stripped bare to him, no matter what I wore or how many walls were around my heart. He saw through everything. His hand tightened around mine, and he lifted it. His lips grazed against the top of it. My eyes closed, the ache doubled between my legs at that soft caress.

"Sir." A man stepped out of the shadows. Another guard.

Carter stopped as he listened to what the man had to say. He spoke quietly so I couldn't hear, but both glanced at me.


His eyes narrowed and darkened. His hold on my hand became possessive.

I asked again, "Carter? What is it?"

He turned, his decision made, and he curved a hand into the place between my shoulders blades. He started to walk with me down a hallway. As we got further along, I saw Mike waiting for us and then I recognized it was the same box where I had left Noah and Theresa. I dug my feet in. I didn't know what was going on, but I knew he was going to leave me there. Something came up and he needed to handle whatever it was, but I didn't want to be left behind.


"No." I shook my head. "You're not leaving me." Not again.

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