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Pieces of Lies Series by Angela Richardson

Pieces of Lies (Pieces of Lies, #1)
Passionately driven artist, Norah Ross, has been banished from New York to Morewell for her final semester of graphic design at McLaren University. Her move allows her to reconnect with Josh, her best friend, who is more then thrilled at Norah's appearance back into his life. 

At the same time that Norah steps back into Josh's heart, she learns that he is in the process of being accepted into McLaren's uber exclusive secret society, the 'Lappell'. Josh takes Norah to the Lappell's glamorous parties in the hope of taking their friendship to the next level, but when Norah meets the handsome and elusive Clint Weston, a leader in the Lappell, he sweeps her off her feet in more ways then one. 

Norah quickly becomes caught up in an emotional tug-of-war between the two guys while also trying to deal with her own secrets that follow her every day. When Norah's past begins to intertwine with her present, what unfolds is a series of dramatic events filled with romance, mystery and dark motivations. She quickly realizes the path to real love can be paved in all kinds of lies.

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Pieces of Truth (Pieces of Lies, #2)
In the sequel to Pieces of Lies, we follow Norah and Clint to New York, the playground for the Lappell and Big Joe. 

From the outside, everything looks great for Norah and Clint. They have a new apartment, new jobs, a new life. Everything looks perfect... or is it?

Leaving Morewell was a big step for the couple, but for Norah, she moved with the knowledge that there could be more secrets Clint could be keeping, more deception that could bring her whole world crashing down. She took the step knowing the truth would be lurking in the shadows, waiting for her to find it. Will the truth find Norah or will she find the truth? 

In this story, relationships will be tested, old feelings will surface, secrets will be revealed and emotions will run high. By the end, Norah will have chosen her love, but at what price?

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All the Pieces (Pieces of Lies, #3)
When so much love has been built from lies and manipulation, how much of that love is real?

In ALL THE PIECES, the third and final instalment in the Pieces of Lies series, we find Norah in a dangerous and heart pounding situation in London with the Lappell. It will be the collision of two worlds that have done nothing but tear Norah down the middle, and love that has torn her apart.

In this story, we find out that the biggest mystery of all is not what is said, but what isn't. 
Will the truth set Norah’s heart free? And will it all end in tragedy or happiness?

 To Be Release 10/29/2013

Angela Richardson is half Sicilian and grew up in a very large Italian / Sicilian community in a small town in northern Australia.   A lot of her inspiration for her stories comes from her younger years with people she knew and her past relationships. She loves to read anything that's a bit dark and edgy with tragic element between two lovers, although deep down she is a huge romantic, and that's where her writing really comes from.

Angela Richardson self published her first novel, Pieces of Lies on Amazon Kindle in January 2013, and then its sequel, Pieces of Truth which was released in May 2013. The final installment, ALL THE PIECES is

 INSTAGRAM - angelarichardsonauthor

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