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Elect (Eagle Elite, #2) by Rachel Van Dyken

Elect (Eagle Elite, #2)Elect by Rachel Van Dyken
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4.25 Stars

I loved Elite, so I couldn’t wait to jump in with Elect, but the moment I read the prologue, (which I soon found out it was a chapter towards the end of the book) I became very upset.

Here’s the thing with me, I do not like reading the ending at the beginning of the book. I wish authors would put a warning and say “HEY GUYS! I put the ending right here, to get you hooked and maybe indirectly piss you off”

Then I wouldn’t be so upset every time I come across that. So I got upset and put it off for a few days. I read a few books in between and finally I got my mind back on track and said to myself, “Oh Jacqueline, put on some big girl pants and just read the book”

And I did and it wasn’t what I expected.

Another thing about me, I do not like love triangles, BUT I am warming up to them. I use to not read them unless I didn’t know about it, but I knew there would be a love triangle going into this. Another another thing, I do not like love triangles between two great guys. It just kills me that two great guys love one girl, is this even realistic? I don’t know, I’ve never been in the situation where I loved two men at once, but what do I know.

So Elect starts off where Elite ended. We know that Chase and Nixon love Tracey. We know there’s plenty of stuff going on with the families. What I LOVED most about this second book is all the SECRETS! I actually understood and loved unraveling all the mysteries. I usually don’t like the side plot (basically anything that doesn’t deal with the romance side of the book), but I really really really enjoyed learning the family histories and seeing how everyone was intertwined.

There are a few chapters with Phoenix’s POV and I would be upset with this b/c really? However, it was interesting to see how he became how he is today. Also, the chapters were so short, I didn’t really mind.

I enjoyed how it was just a Chase and Nixon (mainly) POV read. I love Chase and Nixon both in their own ways. If Tracey got with either of them, I would have been happy (usually I root for one person, but really you will love both).

Oh the PAIN CHASE FEELS! Gah, it was crushing, sometimes when I was reading a scene I thought to myself, oh man, can’t this guy love me?! I mean, seriously, how sweet he can be, how insane this requited love is! Then there’s Nixon, Mr. Mob boss who has so much to deal with!!! I really liked the story line. It puts Tracey in a difficult situation and you really understand the depths of how much these two boys love her.

Then we get to the ENDING. THIS IS A HUGE OPEN CLIFFY. Some may disagree and say it’s closed, I will say, nope. I can’t believe it ended like that and I need the next book! GAH, it’s killing me.

Elect is very different than Elite, it’s more dark, it’s more interrelated and it has more Chase. It’s nothing to complain about really.

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