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Lovely Trigger (Tristan and Danika, #3) by R.K. Lilley

Lovely Trigger (Tristan & Danika, #3)Lovely Trigger by R.K. Lilley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4.25 (Team Tristan and Danika) Stars

There will be spoilers from book 2, Rock Bottom

If you were ever rooting for a couple to get back together it would Tristan and Danika. Oh my lord, I was on edge from first to last page!

The ending of Rock Bottom killed me. I knew it would be bloody, it would be bad and it would make me cry like a baby. Poor, sweet Danika, what else will she have to go through? Rock Bottom was a difficult read, seeing Tristan fall off the rails and then lose Danika was not an easy thing to read. Then, the impact it had on Danika! She’s miscarried twice and has a bad leg, oh how gutted I am.

In Lovely Trigger I wanted one thing --- > I wanted Tristan to redeem himself. I also didn’t want it to be easy and Lilley delivered.

This was a tension fest book! Talk about the emotions, the pain, the heartache, the whole story was gripping! Danika is going through physical therapy and Tristan is trying to be sober. Lovely Trigger starts right where Rock Bottom left off (to the minute).

A lot went down between Tristan and Danika and the only thing that can help is time. I will admit the beginning was a bit (tiny bit) frustrating. It was what I call the period where Danika and Tristan try to get their wounds to heal or not feel so raw and fresh.

After the beginning, things start picking up and there’s intense interaction between Tristan and Danika. Of course there are plenty of issues to make their relationship ever confusing. There’s ex’s to deal with, past pains to get over and old secrets to be revealed.

This was the perfect conclusion to a crazy love affair. I love Tristan and Danika’s relationship and I love seeing how much it grows and changes. The first few books showed them in a young light, but Lovely Trigger is all about moving forward and growing up. The change was perfect for me.

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