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Crazy Good by Rachel Robinson

Crazy GoodCrazy Good by Rachel Robinson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 Roller Coaster Stars

I’m conflicted with Crazy Good. A good 75% of the read I really enjoyed, but there is a bit where I got really angry and frustrated. I am not sure if I ever recovered from that.


I HATE reading the ending in the beginning. You know what I am referencing. It’s that first chapter where you know the relationship goes to crap, and then after that it’s like, rewind 1.5 years and let’s get to the story!

Skip the first chapter if you don’t want to read the ending at the beginning. I wish I did.


Windsor just got out of a four year relationship with her ex. Her ex cheated on her and she’s trying to recover from that. Maverick is trouble. He’s tough, a player and a major alpha male. Maverick meets Windsor through mutual friends and wants to date Windsor. Windsor doesn’t want a bad boy, she doesn’t want to date anyone, but Maverick won’t accept no as an answer.

My review

The only logical way for me to review Crazy Good is by breaking it up because a lot happens.

The first bit, first 1% I am very angry, because I hate reading the ending, but I’m intrigue to what happened, so of course I continue.

For the first 30%, it’s about Maverick pursuing Windsor and I really enjoyed this part. Windsor is an accountant, (YAY! So am I) and she doesn’t do risky relationships. She’s hurt by her ex and she’s just living her life and trying to move forward. I like it when the leading lady is being pursued. Something about a sexy male pursing the gal gets me all excited.

Of course Maverick is a ladies’ man with tattoos and a bike. He even plays guitar, yeah kind of cheesy, but I kept on going. I really did like Maverick. He was the kind of male I love to read. He’s hot-headed and really interested in Windsor. I wanted him to jump over hoops to get her.

It gets a bit slow between the 31-75% mark. It’s basically about Windsor and Maverick hanging out. There is some nice sexual tension because the sex isn’t right away and I love tension!

At the 76% mark, things change This is when I kind of flip you know what. So we get to the climatic ending and I knew what was going to happen, but then I was kind of slapped in the face with another thing and I was like, WHAT?! WHY?! I kind of got over it, but then Maverick, so help me, became a complete JERK!

I hated the Hero

I know the Hero needed to push her away, but oh my goodness, seriously?! He was mean, the kind where it was unforgivable. I just didn’t understand it and his behavior was just bad.

I tried to get over it and I am not sure if Maverick fully redeems himself, but I did get some nice closure in the end.

As I said, I am conflicted by this read because for the most part, I did like it. I was just really upset with one part.

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