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The Will (Magdalene, #1) by Kristen Ashley

The Will (Magdalene, #1)The Will by Kristen Ashley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 (It’s never too late) Stars

I will admit, I’m not a major Kristen Ashley (KA) fan. I like her books and I like her alpha males, but sometimes it’s a little too much angst for me, BUT (yes there is a HUGE BUT)… I absolutely LOVED LOVED The Will!!!!!

From Start to Finish The Will was PERFECTION

Here’s the brief summary…

Josephine’s beloved grandmother dies. Josephine goes back home to handle her grandmother’s funeral and be there for the reading of the Will. In the will Josephine realizes her grandmother made a friend, Jake. He’s Josephine’s age and has three kids. She also realizes her grandmother gave Josephine to Jake too.

The Review

Isn’t that the cutest summary EVER!!!! When I read that I was just dying. How cute is that?! Ah, I can’t get over how much I loved this read. It had so many elements I love in a read. EVERYONE knows I love the whole single mother/father dynamic.



I adore Josephine. You feel her pain, she loves her grandmother so much and now Josephine is all alone. She’s forty-five, single and alone. Her closest friend is her boss, who she has a major crush on, but has never acted on it because she knows she would be rejected. She takes a mini-break from work to get closure and move on from her grandmother’s death.

However, Jake changes everything. Josephine is very close to her grandmother and she is just confused to why her grandmother has never mentioned Jake. Jake was very fond of Josephine’s grandmother and has heard a lot about Josephine, to the point where he wants to get to know her closely.

The relationship between Josephine and Jake is dynamic. It starts out slow, which I love because there’s so much character development. Both Josephine and Jake have issues. Josephine is lonely and Jake has been married several times. I love his kids. I just love kids in books in general. Kids add great tension and banter as well. You love them and hate them all the same.

There were no overly annoying parts, you were never frustrated, KA wrote a very well written read. It was just all around enjoyable.

I simply loved it.

The Will (Magdalene, #1) AMAZON

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