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Take this Regret (Take this Regret, #1) by A.L. Jackson

Take This Regret (Take This Regret, #1)Take This Regret by A.L. Jackson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4.5 No Regretful Stars

I read Take This Regret in one sitting. It had my heart in knots and I couldn’t put it down.

Elizabeth got pregnant in college with long-term boyfriend Christian. It’s Senior year and Christian can’t take care of a baby in law school, so he makes the ultimate choice. Elizabeth must pick between Christian or the baby. Elizabeth leaves Christian and starts a new life with her baby.

Five years later, Christian and Elizabeth’s lives collide again and Christian is still feeling the effects of his regretful choice.


You probably think Christian is the lowest scum on earth, who does that right? Well, that’s what makes Take this Regret so GOOD! It’s not a happy book, but it’s not a hard book to read, it’s just all around a tad bit sad.

I love Elizabeth, she’s so strong and it takes a lot of courage to do what she did. She loved her baby so dearly and even though she loved Christian and they were going to build a life together, she just had to be selfless and pick her baby over her boyfriend. She is of course is a girl, so Elizabeth does cry a lot and is somewhat dramatic at some parts. A bit towards the end I wanted to slap her because she was being silly, but it wasn’t too frustrating.

Christian is a character and Jackson wrote a really damaged, tortured character. Many times you question why Christian didn’t try to contact them and you really feel his pain. He tries to make a mends and all he wants is to build a relationship with his child. As he gets to know he’s child he still harbour major feelings for Elizabeth and he knows he doesn’t deserve her, but he loves her so dearly.

As much as I wanted to hate Christian, I couldn’t but feel and sympathize for him

There is something about Jackson’s writing that makes it seem so effortless in reading. Everything flowed and I just didn’t want it to end. There were also NO FLASHBACKS! I love reading the bonding moments between Christian and the child, also I love the linger looks and yearning between Christian and Elizabeth. Talk about a great plot huh.

If you like me and you are in a mood for a dramatic read with a single mother (stuff I love), then Take the Regret is a perfect book.

Take This Regret (Take This Regret, #1) AMAZON

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