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All of You (Between Breaths, #1) by Christina Lee

All of You (Between Breaths, #1)All of You by Christina Lee
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4.25 Letting your heart in Stars

I really liked All of You. It was intense, sweet and very romantic.


Avery doesn’t have the best childhood. Her mother is loose, she doesn’t have a father figure and she’s trying to become a nurse so she can be able to take care of baby brother. Because of all of this, she doesn’t have relationships and she’s a fan of one-night-stands.

Bennett is your tattooed boy next door. Bennett lives in the same apartment complex as Avery. Avery thinks Bennett is hot and wants him, but Bennett isn’t looking for a friends-with-benefits kind of relationship. Both have issues and both aren’t willing to compromise.

Avery and Bennett

I’ve never been fond of loose heroines, but I liked Avery. I got her. She has a tough home situation and she copes by using guys for sex, so when Bennett comes into the picture, it kind of throws her off. Bennett is not your typical Hero.

I really liked Bennett because he is so different! As much as I love the bad boys, I have a soft heart for the good ones too. He’s sweet, loyal and very suborn. He values Avery and doesn’t want to cheapen her to a relationship based on sex. It was a refreshing change for me to have the Hero turned down the Heroine so much.


Of course there’s plenty of tension and sexual tension. Avery wants a no strings attached relationship and Bennett is looking for more. What I enjoyed the most is watching the two characters form a friendship and work out their issues.

The book is very fast pace and I wished it was a touch longer, but overall, it was a very pleasant read and I will be sticking to the series.

AN ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review

All of You (Between Breaths, #1) by Christina  Lee AMAZON

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