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Before You Break (Between Breaths, #2) by Christina Lee

Before You Break (Between Breaths, #2)Before You Break by Christina Lee
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 Healing Wounds Stars

Quinn and Ella are both dealing with grief. Both Quinn and Ella lost a loved one. Quinn is coping differently than Ella. Ella has been through counseling and is moving forward with her life. Quinn is battling with his guilt and trying to stay alive.

I’m always a little nervous when I read a book that touches suicide, it’s such a serious matter and I hate reading it when it’s mentioned lightly. I understand Quinn’s pain. He feels responsible for his best friend’s death. At first you may not know the full events, but as things are discovered, you sort of grasp what he’s dealing with.

I liked Quinn, but I wasn’t swooning over him. He’s nice and very athletic. I guess the whole suicide thing kind of threw me off a bit. Depression is not really attractive, I guess I like self-destruction more.

Ella is currently dating a jerk and he happens to live with Quinn. The beginning is a bit intense with the love triangle, you know me, and it’s something that crawls under my skin. I was begging for both parties not to do something stupid. I know some people like this kind of story line.

The main point of the book is two people having the same tragic past, but they both are coping differently. Quinn shuts Ella out a lot because he’s scared that once he tells her his secret she may bail. Little does Quinn know that Ella works at a suicide hot light and does judge.

There isn’t much steam, but there are plenty of steamy situations, if you know what I mean. The story is more focused on past pains, than sex. Before You Break are very dramatic, deals with some sad issues and kind of gets to you emotionally.

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