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The Red Bikini by Lauren Christopher

The Red BikiniThe Red Bikini by Lauren Christopher
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3 Surf and Sea Stars

Giselle is a single mother. Her husband has left her for a younger woman. It’s the summer and Giselle plans to find herself. She moves to the beach to recharge her batteries.

Fin is a pro surfer, but doesn’t have the best reputation. He’s taking time off and he needs to get a better image. Maybe dating a sophisticated older woman will help him.


I liked Giselle. Her story is sad. She’s in her mid-thirties, has a daughter and doesn’t have a job. She doesn’t feel young or desirable. I have a soft spot for single mothers and although I’m not too fond of the older woman and younger guy story line, the age gap wasn’t too much.


Fin is a character and he has a lot of issues. He single and doesn’t want to settle down. He’s never been in love and doesn’t plan on to. He asks Giselle to go with him to impress some sponsors. Giselle said she would if he would go with her to a funeral where her ex will be there. Both know they are using each other and both agree to keep their relationship at a friendship level.


Of course it’s difficult to keep a friendship relationship, when one starts to have more feelings for the other. The Red Bikini’s pace is a bit slow and very descriptive. I’m not fond of descriptive reads, but I do find the beach setting perfect for the current season.

The relationship between Fin and Giselle forms slowly and there’s definitely chemistry. I wouldn’t call The Red Bikini too steamy, but very light and cute.

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The Red Bikini by Lauren ChristopherAMAZON

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