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Come to Me Softly by (Closer to You, #2) A.L. Jackson

Come to Me Softly (Closer to You, #2)Come to Me Softly by A.L. Jackson
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I really like this series, Come to Me Softly wasn’t the easiest book to read, and there was plenty of drama and tension. There were some high notes and some short ones as well.

Jared and Aly are trying to build a future together. Jared came back after months of going on a bender. He wants nothing more than to prove his love and worth to his girl. Aly is pregnant and is so happy Jared came back, but she knows this doesn’t fix everything in their relationship.

Come to Me Softly is their story, a story of Jared and his past issues, Aly and her pregnancy and dealing with Jared and all his crazy.

“I love you, Aly More. You know that, don’t you?”

“Of course I know that.” I knew it long before he knew it himself

Two words to describe Come to Me Softly is - > CRAZY JARED. He’s CRAZY! Yeah I had to say it again. I love the intensity of Jared and Aly’s relationship. I am a big fan of can’t-breathe-without-each-other kind of love and Jared and Aly have that.

My faultless demise. Because I’d suffer for her. Bear all her burden and her blame. Would gladly die for her

Despite all the hate I harbored inside, this girl still managed to make me love her.

When Jared comes back, he knows he messed up big time. He never really dealt with the issues that caused him to run away, but he knows he needs his Aly. In some ways Aly has become his drug and she makes him happy. Jared does everything he can to prove to Aly and Christopher (Aly’s brother) that Jared is the man for Aly.

We always know Aly accepts Jared back in warm graces. She however has her pregnancy to think about. It seems like it’s all warm and fuzzy at first, but it there’s something off about Jared and she wants him to just get better.

God, I love this man with all of my life. And I would never stop.

All I want is for you to live. To be Free

Towards the ending, things become to unravel and I felt like the pace really picked up. I think I enjoyed the ending the most, as much as I wanted to pull my hair out due to frustration. It was plenty of angsty.

I was a little disappointed with the pace and tone. I felt the read was a bit too long and a bit too descriptive. I understand there needs to be chapters of us understanding what goes on in Aly and Jared’s head, but sometimes (and most likely) I just want dialogue. I’ve never been fond of descriptive writing, so this is a personal taste.

I enjoyed the continued story of Jared and Aly and I appreciate that sometimes love can’t be enough to fix yourself. Sometimes you need to find it in yourself to get better.

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