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Harder (Caroline & West, #2) by Robin York

Harder (Caroline & West, #2)Harder by Robin York
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 Angsty Stars

Harder was a bit hard for me to read. I’m not a huge fan of angsty reads, but I did find myself glued to the pages and wanting to pull my hair out.

West went back home to take care of his family and Caroline is dealing with a heart break.

What I do love about Harder was that Caroline and West weren’t separated! I really hate it when I read book 2 of series and the main characters aren’t together anyhow. I know Caroline and West aren’t together persay, but a few months later, we pick up where the rocky relationship left off.

West’s father dies and Caroline travels to comfort and be with West.


I have a lot of opinions of West. He’s the definition of damaged, tortured, messed-up Hero. He has to take care of his mother, his sister and deal with his terrible dead father. He doesn’t think he’s good enough for Caroline and he does EVERYTHING he can to push her away.


I would describe Caroline as a lost puppy. If you ever loved a beaten down Heroine, then she’s perfect for you. Caroline does everything she can to be there for West. She stays where he wants her to, does what he wants her to do and constantly texts him and even gives him a no string-attached sex. I know, I shake my head too.


For the first half of the book, it’s very hard for me to like West. As much as I love a jerk of a Hero, West does some terrible things (and in my opinion) is unforgivable. I understand why he does what he does, but does he have to be so mean to Caroline?

Caroline stays with Frankie and West stays with Bo. For days, West doesn’t see Caroline and Caroline just wants to comfort and be there to West. Caroline wants West to leave his hometown and go back to school.

West smokes, is mean and basically ignores Caroline. There are a few moments where they have conversation, but it’s really short and your heart breaks for Caroline.

What got me really hooked is just all the tension! You want to punch West in the face and just scream at Caroline to slap West silly. There’s a lot of drama and you feel for both parties (as much as West bothered me, I did feel for him).

It’s not a perfect relationship, but it’s a very intense story. If you want drama, angst and love the series to begin with, then you will be happy with this one.

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