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Mended (Connections, #3) by Kim Karr

Mended (Connections, #3)Mended by Kim Karr
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4.5 I heart Xander stars

As much as I love musicians, there’s something about a band manager that gets me all WORKED UP!


There’s just something about Xander that I love. I think he’s my favorite in the Connection series. He’s just so sexy, attractive and lickable! Xander and Ivy have a past, but it didn’t work out. Years later, she’s a Pop star and is engaged to one of the most ruthless people in town, Damon Wolf.

Xander doesn’t understand why Ivy and him aren’t together, but there’s something that is drawing him back to her and he wants her badly.

Mended is a bit different from the previous two books. There’s more sexual tension and more character and relationship build-up than steam. I really liked this

As much as I love my kinky steam, I loved the tension between Xander and Ivy. I’m a fan of characters having past issues because there’s that layer of build-up that has already been established. Also, I love it when the Heroine is with a villain, just makes me want to root for Xander even more!

Xander and Ivy struggle for a bit, trying to figure out how to work together and not let past pains get in the way of their professional relationship. There are some glimpses from the other band members, so don’t worry, they do not go away fully.

You want to root for Xander and Ivy to be together and for Damon to get into an accident. It’s a roller coaster of a read, but one I enjoyed a lot. Ivy doesn’t want anything to do with Xander because of the way he treated her years ago. She hasn’t forgiven him and she’s doing everything she can to stay away. Xander wants Ivy to be happy, but he can’t see her happy with Damon or with any guy. He wants her badly, but doesn’t know how mend for his past mistakes.

Mended is about second chances, true love and following your heart.

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