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Raising Ryann (Bad Boy Reformed, #1) by Alyssa Rae Taylor

Raising Ryann (Bad Boy Reformed, #1)Raising Ryann by Alyssa Rae Taylor
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 (I kind of like Ryann and I kind of want to smack him) Stars

First off, I need to say it… HUGE CLIFFY!!!!!

Years ago, Reese almost gets raped but Luke Ryann saves her. Its years later, Reese is twenty and Luke is twenty five and they both work at the same gym. Luke knows who Reese is, but Reese doesn’t


I’m kind of mixed on this review because I liked the story, I liked what I read, but I’m kind of angry with Luke and the whole situation. I guess I will just work out my emotions in this review.

The first chapter is a bang and I was glued! You feel for Reese and her sad history. She was almost raped and then on top of that, she’s abused by her father. Not a happy childhood. She’s now a strong woman and teaches self-defense classes.

When Reese and Luke meet for the first time, it’s kind of funny and cute. There are a lot of funny and cute moments through Raising Ryann, which I enjoyed a lot. The thing that kind of gets to me is the pace, I found some parts dragging and the relationship giving me whip lash.

I liked Reese and Luke’s banter at first, it was entertaining and Reese kept on embarrassing herself in front of him, it was cute. I felt like every time some action would happen, something happen and just like that the scene ends. I’m all about tension, but sometimes it can be too much.

I liked how Luke was protective of Reese and was kind of always there when needed her. Reese’s car died, he was there to take her to places. Reese walks around in the middle night and Luke was there to make sure she got home safe. It was cute. HOWEVER, since Reese has this big crush on Luke, she wants him, but Luke doesn’t want to hurt her.

I’m okay with the Hero not wanting to be with the Heroine, because he doesn’t want to hurt her, but several rounds of this was just getting me worked up. We finally get to the ending and I was just like wow. I kind of saw it coming, but then I didn’t and I got angry!

So angry I needed to take a break because I didn’t understanding the situation. So there you had it. Reese and Luke had plenty of angst, tension and crazy ending to get me worked up, but I still liked the read and I will be moving forward with the series.

Raising Ryann (Bad Boy Reformed, #1) by Alyssa Rae Taylor AMAZON

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