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Gemini (Gdmini, #1) by Penelope Ward

Gemini (Gemini, #1)Gemini by Penelope Ward
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3.5 Finding Love Stars

I wavered between 3 and 4 stars and I decided the middle ground was best. Gemini could have been easily 4 or even 4.5 star for me if it wasn’t for the pace. If you cut Gemini down by 30%, it would have been a fantastic read. I’m not a fan of Penelope Ward’s style of writing. I find it very drawn out and dragging. The story line and plot was excellent, but it took forever to get to any points.


Allison is a waitress and one day, a sexy suit wearing man shows up at her diner. Cedric has been looking for Allison for some time now and he’s just taken by her. He wants to get to know her before he tells her the truth. He’s not sure if the relationship can last after the truth is revealed, but he can’t hold back any longer.


I have a pet peeve and it’s that I do not like “secrets”. I do not like a plot being formed around a secret. What I find even worst is that we, the reader, do not know what it is until the climatic ending.

I liked Cedric and then I don’t like Cedric. He has a girlfriend and kind of purses Allison. Already I don’t know why the Hero just doesn’t break up with his girlfriend if he clearly doesn’t love the girl. He’s very hot and cold with Allison throughout the book because of his secret. Do I find it annoying that the secret is referenced SEVERAL times throughout the book? YES, I started to skim his internal dialogue and struggles because to me, I didn’t care because I didn’t know what the heck he was talking about.

I liked Allison in the sense, she’s strong and kind. She kind of just reacts towards Cedric throughout the book. Sometimes Allison is the damsel in distress that I love to read about, but mostly she just struggles to figure out what Cedric wants.

What I found very difficult is reading between scene changes. Sometimes weeks would go by and I was very happy with that, but sometimes, I felt like I was reading every aspect of the day, like from morning to night. I was very tired of this descriptive writing and yes I skimmed.

I started to skim towards the last 20% because I think I was just getting frustrated with the pace. I reached the climatic ending and I knew it was winding down a bit, but oh boy it took a while to wind down. Again, the plot and story line was great, but the pace and the secret kind of made me mad.

It just wasn’t 100% for me.

Gemini (Gemini, #1) by Penelope WardAMAZON

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