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No Attachments (Woodfall Girls, #1) by Tiffany King

No Attachments (Woodfalls Girls, #1)No Attachments by Tiffany King
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3.5 No Attachment Stars

Ashton has a bucket list and on her bucket list is to stay in a small town, kind of like Gilmore Girls. She works at a local store and just wants to live her life free.

Nathan is a private investigator and his assignment is to find Ashton. When he does, he realizes, he wants more time with her and instead of telling his client Ashton is found, Nathan decides to start a no attachment relationship with Ashton.

Ashton agrees to this no attachment relationship.

I liked the plot of No Attachments. I usually don’t like a plot around a “secret” that is, Nathan is a PI, hired to find Ashton, but I felt like that added a little something to the story. I thought the chemistry between Nathan and Ashton was pretty good and the insta-lust is pretty fast and quick.

Ashton is a carefree kind of Heroine and she makes it very apparent that Nathan can’t fall in love with her since she plans to move away in a few months. Nathan wants to get Ashton out of his system and then he can tell his client and move away.

I liked how there’s plenty of dialogue between Ashton and Nathan and the side characters, Ashton’s friends were pretty cute. The atmosphere of a small town is very adorable and it makes me want to live there. It’s a quick and fast pace read, so watch out because anything can happen.

Towards the second half of the book, the story shifts to something cute and light to a little more dramatic and it adds more spice to the story. I wished this part could have been played up a bit more and I got a little more meat. I felt like it was a bit rushed and it was hard to imagine the time frame, but I did like how the direction went.

Overall, No Attachments is a cute story about living life to the fullest and opening your heart to something more.

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No Attachments (Woodfalls Girls, #1) by Tiffany KingAMAZON

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