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His Unlikely Lover (Unwanted, #3) by Natasha Anders

His Unlikely Lover (Unwanted, #3)His Unlikely Lover by Natasha Anders
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4.5 Cuteness Stars

I really like the Unwanted series and I was surprised on how cute His Unlikely Lover was. Usually Anders writes a lot of angst and it’s really emotional, but His Unlikely Lover was very adorable, sweet and very tame. I have to say, I was a major fan.


Bobbi is a tom-boy. She doesn’t wears bras and is a mechanic. Her best friend is Gabe, who is sophisticated, rich and very classy. Somehow they make it work as best friends. Bobbi has been in love with Gabe for years, but she knows she isn’t good enough for him. One drunken night, Bobbi gets the courage to make a move on Gabe. Gabe never really notices Bobbi, until the night she came on to him.


You have to understand with Anders books, the Hero is usually very unlikeable and has crazy flaws. Was I a major fan of Gabe? No, but I still liked him. Gabe is all class and he only dates blonds with class. He likes to have things in order and he doesn’t like messy affairs. However, his best friend Bobbi is all about living in the moment and being free.

Bobbi loves her childhood friend. She understands that what she has with him is all she gets. If Gabe wants to pursue a “friends-with-benefits” relationship with Bobbi then, she’s okay with it, because it’s better than nothing.

Some may not like the Heroine because she goes along with whatever Gabe wants, but I get her. It’s hard to be in love with someone and not have those feelings return. She’s willing to scrap off the crumbs and be content with that.

The conflict is about two different people having attraction towards each other and not knowing how to make it work out.

The read was really light and flowed easily for me. I was happy with the turn of cuteness of events and it was a book for me.

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