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Nero (Made Men, #1) by Sarah Brianne

Nero (Made Men, #1)Nero by Sarah Brianne
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 Nero Alpha Stars

I will admit I was intrigued with Nero because of the storyline. I love a mob boss kind of theme read and you throw in an alpha Hero, I’m all over that. There were a lot of high notes with Nero and despite the length (it was a tad bit too long for my taste), it was overall a pleasurable read.


Elle is a loser and only has one best friend, Chloe. Elle would do anything to protect Chloe, even if that means Elle gets beat up and teased instead of Chloe.

Nero is the alpha on campus. He’s rich, good looking and rules the school. He only cares about two things, his “family” and enjoying women.

One night Elle witnesses a murder and it’s Nero’s job to find out how much Elle knows and if she will tell anyone.


I liked Elle. She’s the damsel in distress Heroine I love to read, but I found it very hard to believe Elle would do almost anything for her best friend Chloe. It’s almost as if Chloe should have been a little sister. Chloe is so scared in life she walks behind Elle, yeah it’s hard to believe, but I went with it.


I’m mixed with Nero. Yes, he’s alpha, yes he’s this big tough guy and he isn’t scared of anything, but somehow it was hard for me to imagine him as someone would be part of a mob. Maybe because of his age or maybe here wasn’t much interaction with the “family” and Nero. I’m not sure. I would say, the last half of the read, Nero really picks it up a notch and I started to really like him.


The first few chapters will really capture you. The beginning kind of sets up the characters and you can see over time how they development into different people. Elle is this scared little girl who doesn’t want to die because she witnesses a murder, but she also is trying to survive high school, but it’s hard when she’s always bullied and teased.

The first half the book is very young adult, there’s mild flirtation between Nero and Elle and I really like the banter. Of course I wasn’t a fan of Nero at first because he has witnessed Elle being teased for over three years and never really did anything about that (yeah kind of stinks), but like I say, I like the banter and Elle doesn’t just drop everything to get with Nero.

The second half really picks up and I like the direction it goes, it’s more New Adult. Yes, the middle was a tad bit long and descriptive and I did take a break from reading, but the ending really rounded out the story.

If you are on the fence with this one, I suggest it’s a nice read.

Nero (Made Men, #1) by Sarah BrianneAMAZON

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