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Blood Rites (The Grey Wolves, #2) by Quinn Loftis

Blood Rites (The Grey Wolves, #2)Blood Rites by Quinn Loftis
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 Bite me and Suck me Stars

So, let me get this off my chest… the cover is bat ugly right? Okay, moving on. Prince of Wolves had a crazy ending right? I mean all the drama and what Fane had to do to be with Jacque and now, it’s the moment we have been waiting for.


Uggg… I have mixed feelings with this book. Again, Lofits writing is very descriptive and slow, so again, I was frustrated at some parts and I did skim, but then I was just so interested in the storyline, I couldn’t stop!

How does that happen? I do not know. All I wanted out of Blood Rites is to see the Blood Rite, but let me tell you this, it will be a read before you get to the good stuff. Meaning A Lot of stuff happens!!!!!

So Jacque and Fane are preparing to do the Blood Rite and of course there are chapters of the preparation and you get introduced by new wolves, etc. All of sudden we have an issue! Jacque’s father is back and he wants to get to know her. Crazy right?

Then there’s another wolf that wants to claim Jacque?! Say What?! Yeah I was pretty torn up too. Look, I love a good damsel in distress and I did find it sexy when Fane does everything he can to protect his love. I loved every crazy outburst and tantrum Fane created. It was juicy.

So, I don’t want to give anything away and just say, a lot of stuff happens that prevents Fane and Jacque from doing the Blood Rite. It’s a nitty gritty journey, but it’s a bumpy and frustrating and intense ride.

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