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When It Rains (Rain, #1) by Lisa De Jong

When It Rains (Rain, #1)When It Rains by Lisa De Jong
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Melt your breath away stars

I’ve put When it Rains on the back burner because it’s a love triangle read, but I was forced to read it and let me say this…


The emotions this book made me feel…

Crazy, Intense, Angst, Heart-break, Happy

In one day Kate’s life is changed dramatically. Her best friend Beau doesn’t know where his fun loving best friend went, but he’s desperate to get her back. When Beau leaves for college Kate is trying to move forward with her life, but can’t leave the past behind. That is until Asher comes into her small town.


Yes, this is a love triangle read, but it’s one that is tolerable. I didn’t find Kate annoying or stupid. I found When it Rain very endearing and heart-warming.

Beau is the boy next door and you will love him. He’s sweet, perfect and is always there for Kate, but he’s going to college and Kate does not want to. When I first started this, I thought to myself, what is Kate doing? She has a perfect guy in her life, why is she pushing him away. But you really do understand why she does what she does.

I was nervous reading Kate’s interactions with Asher because I didn’t think I could move past Beau, but you will fall in love with Asher too. It’s cute reading Asher and Kate’s interactions because she’s so skittish and Asher is just so new and different, they make the perfect combination.

I may not be into superheroes, but if I were, Asher would be it for me.

We tend to regret our yesterdays, live in our todays and forget about our tomorrows, but I’m trying to cherish them all

There’s a lot that happens When it Rains, the book shifts probably twice before it ends and oh boy it’s a roller coaster, but the ride is so worth it.

It’s an emotional gripping tale about moving from past issues and falling in love. I highly recommend!

When It Rains (Rain, #1) by Lisa De JongAMAZON

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