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Be My Hero (Forbidden Men, #3) by Linda Kage

Be My Hero (Forbidden Men, #3)Be My Hero by Linda Kage
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4.5 Pick is my hero Stars

I was recommended Be My Hero because of my thing for single moms. It’s very rare I read a single mom read and haven’t loved and let’s just say, I’m pretty much on track.

Be My Hero is a great book. It has all the elements of a dramatic read I am looking for, with character development, drama, damsel in distress, alpha male and unique storyline.

This Book Packs a Punch

This is Pick and Eva’s story. Each book is a different character. You can read them out of order (I did and I usually don’t), but I would suggest you read the first book first because there’s a bit of that story that trickles into this one.

Eva is the rich snobby princess until she gets pregnant and her family kicks her out of the house. She doesn't have the best of childhood, being abused by her father, she is ready to leave, but without money and seven and half months pregnant she isn’t in the best situation.

Eva’s cousin, Reese (main Heroine from the first book) lets Eva stay at Reese and Mason’s place. I like Eva. She has the qualities I look for in a Heroine. She’s a single mom, a damsel and in a need of a Hero. You really feel for the girl and the author builds up Eva’s character a lot. You feel like she is your best friend.

Pick works two jobs to support his wife and baby, *gasp*. No, this isn’t a love triangle, so don’t gloss over to the next review. Pick only marries his best friend for insurance purposes, which is pretty realistic. However Pick’s wife is no picnic and oh boy, she is the villain you will love to hate. I love a nasty villain, especially one I can sink my teeth into and she’s darn right evil. She’s pretty abusive and doesn’t care for her baby.

When Pick is little he gets a future glimpse of his life, which consists of a wife and three kids. Because of that he cleaned up his act and has gone down the straight path. He’s not sure if it will come true, but he has been holding out for a long time for it.

When Pick finally collides with Eva, he believes his future may come true. He wants to pursue her, but his son comes first.

What I love most about this book is the storyline. The Hero gets a glimpse of his future, both have babies and both are kind of single. How random is that? So much happens it will make you head spin but in a good way. There’s a lot of people going against Eva and Pick, with ex’s, family and jealous lovers, you will just be turning the pages like mad.

Oh and if you are a Reese and Mason fan, then this book is a nice little treat because they are in it a lot and I couldn’t get enough.

I recommend.

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