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The Untouchables(Ruthless People, #2) by J.J. McAvoy

The Untouchables (Ruthless People, #2)The Untouchables by J.J. McAvoy
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I love this series and I loved loved loved Ruthless, so when I found out there would be more Liam and Melody, well I WAS ALL OVER THAT!

The Untouchables reminds me a lot of Consequences, in the sense, there’s so much that goes on. So many players are involved and EVERYONE is connected and you just want to figure out who is who, who is loyal, who is a rat and who will die.

I was taken aback by the tone and pace of this one. It’s a little slower and more detailed. I’m still a little irritated by everyone telling me they want to kill each other (rather than just doing it), but other than that, I still get more of Liam and Melody that I love.

The thing that I really loved about The Untouchable was the extra POV’s. I usually hate it, but this time, it worked for me. I really liked reading from the family’s POV. Yes, it can be a bit confusing, but to me it adds more to the story and it kept me interested. I kind of want the side characters to get their own story (maybe future book?!).

Liam and Melody run an empire. They are the big bosses, but of course they have many obstacles to overcome. Melody’s mother is one of them. I liked that there was one focal point to the book and it was to capture Melody’s mother and kill her.

Sometimes the simple plots are the best and this one was great for me.

I loved that I still got the witty and funny banter between Liam and Melody. They have been married for some time now and love each other, but somehow the relationship (to me) is still fresh and great to read. They are still playful and still condescending to each other. I love how Liam loves Melody and I love that even though Melody doesn’t want to, she loves Liam back. Even though they are cold blooded killers, it’s really cute.

Melody does become a bit vulnerable and it gives me a side of her I really liked. I felt like she was a bit more human and you really felt for the girl. But she’s still of course is hardcore and very awesome.

There’s a lot that goes on even though there’s a simple plot. I found at some points it did drag because of all the side plots, characters and craziness, but eventually we get to the heart of the book and it really takes off.

When you are done, you will be wowed, shocked and begging for the next book. I simply can’t wait.

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