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The Affair by Beth Kery [Review]

When unconventional hospice nurse Emma Shore secured a new position at the Breakers, the sprawling mansion of enigmatic and dangerously handsome racecar billionaire Michael Montand, she had no idea how soon she’d be drawn into his darker sexual games—or that it would be her own fantasies that would hold her captive.

Michael knew he shouldn’t have engaged such an innocent woman to share in his desires. But strong sexual appetites and selfishness run in his blood.

From Michael’s luxurious lakeside home to the sun-drenched, sensual shores of the French Riviera, Emma submits again and again to his intoxicating power. But she knows there is only one way to protect her heart.

The affair will continue, but under her conditions: Only she can end it, and when it’s over, they will part and never speak again of the things they dared to do behind locked doors.

4 I couldn’t Get Enough Stars
After reading The Glimmer, I’m a mega fan of Beth Kery. The Affair has been on my radar from sometime, but I never picked it up because of the title. I do not like cheating in books, BUT it’s not what it seems and I promise you, it’s going to be fine.

The Affair, the first time is published in on full length novel, originally it’s was available in 8 segments (each book will be a week in the affair).

Within the first chapter I was instantly drawn to the story. I really like the premise and the mystery element is very attractive. Emma is a hospice nurse and she is hired to take care of Montand’s stepmother. I like how Emma takes care of Montand’s stepmother. She’s a good person, with a good heart and with good intentions. She does not always following instructions, instructions Montand has told her.

Like I said, not everything is as it seems…

“The thing of it is, though, I’m still just being selfish. I’m not going to rest until I feel you shake against me”

“It was easy to be swept away by the power of his personality . . . by his intense attractiveness”

There are many questions that go through my mind as I read, like why does Montand refuse to let his stepmother have her curtains open? Why is Emma not allowed to wonder the mansion? Why does Montand have cameras in his step mother’s room? Montand seems very controlling and it makes it all more alluring.

Montand doesn’t believe he’s a good guy, but he desires Emma badly. The steam and chemistry between Montand and Emma is off the charts good. It’s a little kinky but it doesn’t make me uncomfortable, just more interested.  There is a touch of bondage play and it just shows the dominate side of Montand. And yes, I was a fan of this (I admit it!).

More questions come to arise, like what is Montand’s past?  He seems very tortured and he has his reason for pushing Emma away. I enjoyed the lighter aspects of the book, like when Montand spoils Emma and takes her shopping. It’s a scene I always enjoy when I read these kinds of books (and admit you like it too).

During week three and four the book shifts and it kind of makes the relationship go from light to intense. Without giving too much away, I just like that Emma sees more sides of Montand. Since the book was originally 8 parts, the complete book is pretty lengthy. So you get plenty of steam, tension and character development. It’s an epic story.

An ARC was provided

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Beth Kery is the New York Times and USA Today best selling author of over thirty novels, novellas and serials. She writes contemporary romances as well as erotic contemporary romances, her hallmarks being emotional intensity, leap-off-the-page realistic characters and steamy sexual tension.

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