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Beneath Blood and Bone (Thicker Than Blood #2) by Madeline Sheehan, Claire C. Riley

It is the end of the world…

They call him Eagle. Like the grand and beautiful animal that symbolizes freedom. And during these dark times, when humanity is full of nothing but suffering, a man with such a powerful name should be a beacon of hope.

He is anything but.

Her name is Autumn. Though she hasn’t said this name, or much of anything else, in the four years since the fall of civilization. A shell of her former self, and living wild in a cave at the bottom of a ravine, Autumn is accustomed to being alone. She prefers it actually, especially when her only other options for company are either trying to kill her, or worse, lock her up inside their walls. 

Captured by Eagle’s people Autumn is suddenly thrust back into the land of the living, though she would hardly call it living. The community of Purgatory is full of sinners, the most evil of which seem to have set their sights on her.

In an act born of anger and defiance, Eagle becomes Autumn’s unexpected savior forcing these two solitary people into one another’s broken worlds. Neither knows quite what to make of the other, but one thing is certain. 
To survive Purgatory, they will need to learn how to rely on each other; a feat that could quite possibly teach them how to live again.

4 Redemption stars

Beneath Blood and Bone could be a standalone and is part of the Thicker Than Blood series. I highly recommend you read the first book, Thicker than Blood, because it gives you a lot of insight to the main character, Eagle.

Eagle WAS NOT my favorite character in Thicker Than Blood. He had to make tough choices and unfortunately they weren’t the choices I would have made. Anyhow, I went into Beneath Blood and Bone with a semi-hatred towards him, but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t redeem himself.

Beneath Blood and Bone continues where Thicker Than Blood left off. This book is only about Eagle, Autumn and the people in the compound he lives with, other than that, none of the previous characters are part of this story.

This book takes a different direction in the sense that the main focus is the life within the compound. I wasn’t sure how I would handle it, since I really liked the characters in the woods, experiencing various problems, but there are plenty of problems to face within the compound.

Autumn is found roaming around the compound looking for food. She is very dirty. She has masked her human scent by putting dirt, feces and other things on her body. She’s feral, wild and doesn’t want to be taken in by the people. Eagle is to handle her.

What I really enjoyed MOST about this story is Eagle’s back story. We get a better understanding how his “man” came to be. Why is he is so harsh? Why does he treat women the way he does? There are mini-flash backs of his past and be ready to be gutted.

Eagle doesn’t want anything to do with Autumn but for some reason he feels like he wants to help her, he even goes the extra mile, which is something he doesn’t do. I love the inner struggle Eagle has towards Autumn, he tries very hard to fight his old self, the good self that is buried deep within.

Like, I said Autumn is wild and it’s hard to get into her mind sometimes because she is so crazy. She gets scared easily and keeps on getting herself dirty. She has to always mask her scent and it was kind of driving me bonkers, but you feel for the girl, considering she has been living on her own for a long time.

The book is pretty lengthy and plenty of action happens. The thing that I love about the series is that it pushes boundaries and people’s characters. I love how raw and emotional the book is. It’s one of reasons why I gobble up dystopian books and heck, you throw in zombies, well I’m a happy camper.

The author lets you get a sneak peek of the next book and I’ll be honest, I’m not sure if I could read it. There’s not a lot of zombie books out there, but book three will test my patience and will.  As much as I like to give secondary characters second chances, I’m just not sure. I will have to think about it.

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Madeline Sheehan

USA Today bestseller, Madeline Sheehan, is the author of the Holy Trinity series, and the Undeniable series. 

Other works include the dystopian series 'Thicker Than Blood', Thicker Than Blood and Beneath Blood and Bone, and a contemporary romance novel, Shut Up and Kiss Me.

For a listing of what she's currently working on, upcoming releases and charity anthologies, please visit:

Claire C. Riley

Claire C Riley is a USA Today Bestselling author as well as a #1 Bestselling British Horror Author. Her works include: Odium The Dead Saga Series, Odium 0.5 Novella Series, Limerence (The Obsession Series) Twisted magic Series, Thicker Than Blood Series and Shut Up & Kiss Me.

She writes dark twisty words, is a lover of epic romances, and an eater of cake!
She writes characters that are realistic and kills them without mercy. 

She lives in the UK with her three young daughters, husband, and scruffy dog.

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