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Four Seconds to Lose (Ten Tiny Breaths, #3) - K.A. Tucker

6 Emotionally- Epic-Roller-Coaster-Dramatic-Stars

What can happen in four seconds?

Words cannot convey how much I love this book.  I have to write a little intro, so if you are bored by lengthy reviews, I would advise you skip this part.  Four Seconds to Lose (FSTL) was EXACTLY want I needed and wanted. It was emotionally driven and well written.  Everything worked for me, from the character development, to the depth of detail, to the story line, to the issues, to the dialogue flow, EVERYTHING!

I need to clear the air here, first off, I hate hyping up a book and I know I am doing that now, so let me just explain to you why I think this book doesn’t work for some people.  FSTL, is not like Ten Tiny Breaths  or One Tiny Lie (both reads I LOVED).  Ten Tiny Breaths was a bit dark, but it had (like FSTL) a lot of emotions and heart.  One Tiny Lie was a bit steamier, with a lot of emotions, but it was just sexier.  FSTL is not a steamy read, but it for sure had nice sexual tension. FSTL was just gritty, dirty and raw, things I CRAVE in a dramatic read.


Charlie doesn’t have the most traditional upbringing.  Her dad is very demanding (mixed up in illegal activities) and while she is away trying to save money to maybe break free from her father, she decides to strip to bring in lots of cash.  Cain owns a strip club, he’s the perfect boss. He doesn’t sleep with his employees. He looks out for his workers and treats everyone fairly.  Cain has his own personal demons to work on, but once Charlie steps inside his club, somehow his demons resurface and it’s hard for him to stay away from the girl that looks exactly like the girl who haunts his past.

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The summary isn’t really the full story, it’s just the tip. I’m not the type to rehash the entire blurb, you can read that on your own. I also don’t like to say everything because I hate spoilers.  Finally I don’t like long reviews, BUT I do write them for the books I really love, so you have been warned, this will be a long review, but seriously, it’s worth it.


Charlie is a phenomenal character.  All the characters are, but I’m going to focus on the Heroine. She’s strong, sassy and really smart.  I couldn’t believe she was 18, I felt like I was reading a girl in her mid-twenties (which is a good thing).  I loved how Tucker developed Charlie’s character. Charlie’s past was really interesting to me and I was enjoying her childhood memories (rare I know).  She had enough issues and problems to really warrant her actions and feelings. Everything she questioned, so did I.  She struggled throughout the whole book, but it was never once annoying, if anything it was completely endearing.


Oh Cain. I’m a HUGE duel POV fan, HUGE.  I also love it when the author can clearly write from two POV’s and Tucker does. Of course Cain has issues and we get a good chunk of why he is the way he is at the beginning and I loved knowing that. I felt Cain’s pain and it didn’t turn me off at all. I understood his struggles and his reasoning. I just wanted to reach through my book and tell him, god you are sexy and it’s okay baby, let’s make love. Seriously, he’s one tortured, yet beautiful, yet fuckable character.


The best part of the book is basically reading Cain and Charlie interactions with each other and all in the midst of struggling through past issues, external issues and bad people. I thrive on couple’s working-against-the-world kind of read.  FSTL is not a short book, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Every paragraph and word was needed. I loved it.

I just wanted to take this moment to say, I REALLY enjoy reading authors shifting their books.  As much as I loved Ten Tiny Breaths and One Tiny Lie, Four Seconds to Lose was the perfect direction for Tucker to take.  To me, she took a huge risk, because it was nothing like the previous two yet it just shows her talent.  TO ME that is amazing. These are the books I crave, thrive and read for.

Here are some questions you may have…

Can I read the books out of order? You can kind of, since each book references different characters, but I wouldn’t advise it. There are a few references from the previous books and I wouldn’t want anything to be spoiled.

Is there a cliffy? NO

Is there a love triangle or cheating? No and No

Is there book 4? Yes, it will be Ben’s book

**Quotes were taken prior to publication and is subject to change**

I also wanted to thank Tucker's publicist, Kelly for providing me an ARC copy. I told her I was sad I didn't get on the list, and this kind woman dropped this beautiful book in my hands. I am forever grateful for that and I love her and Ink Slinger to bits.

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  1. Really love your review ... helps when someone that loves a book so much breaks down the whys like you did. I already had these on my TBR list and you just validated why. Thanks!