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Debt Inheritance (Indebted, #1) by Pepper Winters

Debt Inheritance (Indebted, #1)Debt Inheritance by Pepper Winters
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 Indebted Stars

It’s another Pepper Winter’s novel and with that, you can expect some darkness, a damaged Hero and a little kinky fun.

I love Winter’s books, but with that comes with high expectations. Debt Inheritance wasn’t a total hit for me, but that doesn’t mean I can’t love it as the series continues.

Tiny disclaimer - > I’m not fond of books broken up. Yes, Debt Inheritance is a series, but it’s a book broken into parts. I think my issue with this is that these stories drag just a tiny bit. But I did like the length, since Winter’s novels tend to be on the longer side.

The Hero

Jethro is a character. The thing that I love about Winter’s books are the Heroes. You just want to love to hate them. I found Jethro very dominate, mean and very alpha. A tiny bit of me could have seen him a bit meaner. I wanted him to be super villain I learn to love. I’m not sure what Jethro’s “issue” is, but I hope throughout the series, his character is more developed and I see a deeper side of him.

The Heroine

Poor tragic Nila, she gets “kidnapped” and if she leaves her family is in trouble. I like a strong Heroine that fights back at times, but I did find Nila a bit trying. I understand her conflicting issues. She doesn’t want to be in the situation she’s in, yet she’s kind of attracted to Jethro, I get it, it’s her complex. I think I could have liked a bit more banter between the two main characters to really build on the relationship.

The hits

I really liked the length. I felt like the novel was the perfect amount of writing. I have no issues against long books, I just don’t like dragging out stories.

I love the dialogue. I do believe there needs some tweaking on the emotional relationship between the Hero and Heroine, but there’s hardly any internal dialogue. THANK GOD! I’m sorry, I can’t stand internal dialogue, it just drives me nuts.

The misses

The pace is slow. I wanted her to get kidnapped within the first few chapters, but it’s a good portion before any movement happens. Then again the book is broken up so that can be expected.

I wanted the read to be darker. This is a personal preference. Some people will read certain parts and cringe, but me, I wanted to see bloodshed (or something on that level). Debt Inheritance reminds me a lot of Madeleine Abducted, but just more tamed.

I wanted to see different levels of the Hero. Yes, he’s kind of mean, dominate and has some elements of Q from Tears of Tess, but what’s his deal? Why is he the way he is? I understand it’s the first novel, so I hope to see different layers of him in the next parts.

I’m not fond of Heroes telling me how much of a “monster” they can be. I feel like actions speak louder than words. Instead of saying how mean you are, just do something to justify it. This is just a pet peeve of mine.


Despite the misses, I did enjoy the read. Pepper’s books have always been engaging and it’s nice to read something different from the Tears of Tess series.

My expectations for the series.
- I want Darker
- More emotions from the Hero
- More witty banter between the Hero and Heroine
- Faster pace
- Kinkier scenes

I think if my expectations can be met, I will be a happy camper. For now, not a bad start to a new series.

An ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review

Debt Inheritance (Indebted, #1) by Pepper WintersAMAZON

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