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The Master (Submissive #7) Tara Sue Me

Sasha Blake is scarred from a BDSM session gone wrong, but she can't deny how drawn she is to a strong Master. Determined to rejoin the Partners in Play community, she asks Abby and Nathaniel West to set her up with a Dom who will make her feel safe again as a sub.

Cole Johnson knows how to push all of Sasha's buttons, but he's convinced she's not the submissive he needs. Still, the further they go into their play, the more Cole begins to wish he could make Sasha his all the time...

When forbidden desires turn into scorching action, Sasha and Cole come face-to-face with their demons - and realize their deepening relationship might be too dangerous to last...

The Submissive, #1 – Nathaniel and Abby’s story. Told from Abby’s POV

The Dominant, #2 – Nathaniel and Abby’s story. Re-Told from Nathaniel’s POV

The Training, #3 – Continues Nathaniel and Abby’s story

The Enticement, #4 – Continues Nathaniel and Abby’s story

The Collar, #5 – Dena and Jeff’s story

The Exhibitionist, #6 - Continues Nathaniel and Abby’s story

Seduced by Fire (Partner’s in Play) – Spin off series – Julie and Daniel’s story.

The Master #7 - Cole and Sasha's story

5 One More Time Stars

Don’t skip my review because it’s the seventh book in the series. This one is a standalone! Here are some reasons why you need to pick up the submissive series, you can start with the first book like me, or skip around, maybe even start with this one, but let me just say, you will not be disappointed.

I love this series because it mainly focuses on the D/s lifestyle. I know you are probably thinking, well there are a lot of those types of books out there, yes, but it’s all about quality. I love Tara Sue Me books because it’s not always about the steam, don’t me wrong, it’s VERY nice, but I really like how she develops the characters and creates a story that is not conventional and completely addictive to read.

This is Sasha’s story and I REALLY enjoyed this one. I like her story because she was a submissive, but because of a bad Dom/sub relationship she is left battered, bruised and scarred. You know I love my damsel in distress storyline right? I like that Sasha understands the D/s world and there is no explaining, it’s just her and her emotions and her trauma.

Cole is a character I have been intrigued towards for a very long time. He’s Dominate, controlled and knows what he wants. When he’s asked to help Sasha with her problems, I couldn’t wait to dive into the relationship and see what forms.

The chemistry between Cole and Sasha is crazy awesome. She’s very timid and Cole is very distant. He understands she’s a wounded animal, but he’s only focusing on getting her to overcome her fears, they are not to get into a relationship relationship where feelings are involved.

I love the tension, but I also love how warm and caring Cole is towards Sasha, yes he’s a Dom and yes there is BDSM, but there’s also affection and respect. Gah I could go on forever on how much I love this series. I really do think you should give it a shot. If you are a newbie BDSM reader then this book is PERFECT for you. Tara writes more on the tame and mild side, which is great for new readers.

I simply loved it!

AN ARC was provided

I got to meet Tara at RT and I'm so glad I did! I told her I was so excited to read The Collar and she said she was really happy with the book. Oh my gosh, I wish I could have told her how much I loved it! More book signing photos - HERE

Tara Sue Me wrote her first novel at the age of twelve. It would be twenty years before she picked up her pen to write the second.

After completing several clean romances, she decided to try her hand at something spicier and started The Submissive. What began as a writing exercise quickly took on a life of its own. An avid reader of all types of fiction, she soon discovered she enjoyed writing a variety as well. 

Tara lives in the Southeastern United States with her family, two dogs, and a cat.


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